CouldOrg is a new methodology to build and manage organizations in the cloud. It provides CTOs with a new way of thinking about their IT organization. CloudOrg provides tools to support IT leaders with managing their departments.

Cloud Orgs Enables you to:

  • Publish the entire IT department (hardware and software), from scratch, with just a single click and in less than an hour.
  • Eliminate the risk of information loss when a senior IT manager leaves your organization.
  • Exactly know how much each department’s cost is at any specific moment.
  • Move all assets (hardware and software) from one department to another with a single click and in a few seconds.
  • Communicate what a department head’s responsibility and ownership are by giving him ownership to some specific code in GIT.

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We provide tools that you can use to design, build, and manage your cloud organization from one single website. These tools allow you to:
Define your departments and allocated resources (hardware, software, and people) to each department

  • View the consumption cost for each department and break it down to sub departments and individual assets.
  • View the deployment status for each department.
  • View the warnings or failure within each department.

Once you are done defining your organization, CloudOrg automatically provisions users, groups, and resources in the cloud to reflect your organization.
CloudOrg is integrated with Microsoft Azure and VSTS. It automatically creates VSTS projects and release definitions used to build your assets in the cloud.

Get Consulting

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CloudOrg is not just a about a set of tool but an overarching methodology. In order to maximize your success we can help you design you cloud organization by providing design sessions and implementation workshops.